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Bölkow and MBB designations

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I will explain the Bolkow aircraft from 1948-1968 and MBB only from
1968-1991. the explaination is not regular.

MBB Phnix,L-252 Phoebus sailplanes.
RJP-1005 groung attack rotor jet project.
FK.6 light aircraft.

Bo-46 two seat all metal research helicopter.
Bo-87 research helicopter developed from Bo-46.
Bo-102 Heli -Trainer: single seat light helicopter.
Bo-103 a flying version of Bo-102 with open cockpit.
Bo-104 proposed 2-seat light helicopter with two 120 h.p. NSU-Wankel rotary engines.
Bo-105 light helicopter with 4/5 seat.
Bo-106: Bo-105 with wider main cabin module and two additional (total 7) seats.
Bo-107 Medium transport helicopter led to MBB-Kawasaki BK-117.
Bo-108 developed from Bo-105 as 7-seat helicopter with redesigned streamlined nose.
BN-109 project 4-seat helicopter consider scaled-down Bo-105,developed with Nurtanio.
Bo-110 ----?.
Bo-111 ----?.

Bo-112 ----?.
Bo-113 ----?.
Bo-114 ----?.
Bo-115 attack helicopter to compete Westland-VFW P-277.
Bo-116 ----?.
BK-117 MBB & Kawasaki co-operation to produce medium transport helicopter with
11-seat capacity.
Bo-118 ----?.
Bo-119 ----?.
Bo-120 developed in 1969 for the BMVg high speed helicopter program,
it based on the existing Bo-46.
Bo-130 ----?.

A few additions:

Bo 70 – helicopter project (no details; only two references: FLUG REVUE May 1965 on page 18, and “Typenhandbuch der deutschen Luftfahrttechnik” by Lange on page 247)
Bo 125 – proposal for an European transport helicopter of the third generation (1981)
Bo 140 – tiltwing project in civil (Bo 140Z) and military (Bo 140M) configuration (see
Bo 205 – two-/three-seat light aircraft project (1962), developed to the LFU (=Leichtflugtechnik-Union) LFU 205 V3
Bo(?) 207 – the same source (“Ludwig Bölkow und sein Werk – Ottobrunner Innovationen” by Gersdorff) uses consequently the designation Bölkow 207 (without Bo), four-seater was founded on the Klemm Kl 107 C, first flight on 10 Oct 1960
Bo 208 “Junior” – license production of the Swedish MFI 9
Bo 209 “Monsun” – serial production (100 aircraft were built, plus a single aircraft in 1973/74) of the amateur aircraft MHK 101 V2
Bo 210 – other designation for the projected MHK 102 V1

Btw, designation system of (the most) German aircraft manufacturers don’t use hyphens, so the correct spelling is Bo … (not Bo-...)

Thanks boxkite,

B0-211 Taifun : light aircraft.
B0-212 ----?.
B0-213 ----?.
B0-214 developed from B0-207.
B0-310 Tip Jet transport project of 1963.
HFB-320 Hansa Jet :all metal,twin engine 10-seat business-jet aircraft.
HFB-330 Hansa Fan Jet: developed from Hansa Jet with turbofan engines.


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